April 9

How To Create A Website And Add SEO To Get Your Website Ranked On Google And Other Search Engines



Websites have become more complex than in the years gone by. No longer does any website is acceptable by the search engines. Business Owners need a Search Engine Optimized (SEO), High Quality Content , an Optimized Video, Google My Business Listing, Reviews on their website and on Google.com.

If you are a new business or small business, customer acquisition is your number one priority. Without customers you have no business. Unfortunately, that is why so many business fail before they start become profitable. No longer can a company exist without being online. Your competition is basically stealing your customers away from your business.

Here is a short list of how to optimize your website.

On Page SEO. Your content must be optimized

Off Page SEO includes social media strategy, branding and content marketing

Quality Backlinks. Backlinks are links that other websites that have linked and refer to your site. If you have high quality backlinks, your website will be ranked higher on the search engines.

Retargeting. If a customer comes to your website, and leaves without any way to contact them, you have lost all chance to make the sale or get the lead. Retargeting allows the business to add a code to the website so that the potential customer can be shown an ad again to remind them of their visit, and potentially remind them of your product and service.

Every website needs a video and on site reviews.

Every website needs correct Header Tags and optimized videos and pictures.

Above are some elements of web design and marketing that are needed in today’s web design.

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 Hope this helps you the business owner.

Adrian St.Hill owner of Hillsglobal Enterprise. https://WebsiteCreationForYourBusiness


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