June 5

Characteristics Of A Good Website



Many businesses still do not have a well done website in 2021. Your website is the stationary view of your business, and it should give a potential customer at a glance, the purpose of your business, the product and service your company provides. In 1651, Thomas Hobbes working on Leviathan states that humans are “Selfish”. What he meant is that your website should be designed in such a way that potential customers see how your product and service benefits them.


  1. Name Of Your Website: The name of the Website is the first indicator of what your business is. The search engines begin to get an idea of what your website is about by the name of the site. Chose the name of your website wisely.
  2. Correct H1, H2, H3, H4 Tags: When designing your website, your website should be divided in headings. e.g. H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 . Your main heading is the H1 heading, and for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your main keyword should be included in your main H1 Heading. Why? Your website should be made in such a way that the search engines and bots understand your website. Without your website being constructed this way, your website will be created but not found in the search engines. If your site has excellent H1 Tags, and structure, your website will be easily understood by your postenti8al customers and the search engines.
  3. Images: Images should be optimized on your website. You should use JPEGs for images with lots of colors, and PNGs for simple images. If the image is transparent use GIF and animated images as well.
    1. Images can slow  your website down a bit. Therefore it is best to compress your images. Some excellent image compression software that you can use are Kraken.io, ImageRecycle Optimizilla, CompressNow, and  The Classic Site TinyPNG, 
  4. On Site SEO: On site, Or On Page SEO is the creating of content on your web page so that when search engine crawlers interface with your site, they can categorize and easily decipher if the content of the website matches the name website, how valuable the content of the site is. This will also determine where the website is ranked and seen in Google search or Bing Search. The more relevant the content is, informative, educational and original the content on your site is will determine :ow valuable your content is. Even if your business is a startup or small business, your business can outrank a larger business online due to the fact that your site is delivering more excellent quality content that the search engines and people love.
  5. Video: In 2021, your website should have a video. Not only does a well created video demonstrate and describes the product or service a company offers.  It may be the one thing on a website that may influence a potential customer to make a purchase.  Videos create trust. A Potential customer may not see the value of your product or service, but when your video presentation resolves their primary need of your website visitor, your company would be seen as awesome because of a simple video. Contact Us, for a video consultation, and we can help with Creating A Video that will describes your product and service. CLICK HERE For Video Creation For Your Website.


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